Welcome to the Gibbs Smith Book Scavenger Hunt at The Gateway!

Nothing says summer like a fun scavenger hunt, and we want you to be a part of a big one happening at The Gateway in Salt Lake City. Gibbs Smith Publisher and The Gateway present the Gibbs Smith Summer Scavenger Hunt! This fun event challenges individuals and families, young and old, to locate art covers of our books scattered throughout The Gateway.

How to Participate

Scavenger hunt participants begin their hunt near the Olympic Fountain next to a large Gibbs Smith Scavenger Hunt poster that includes a QR code of the list of clues needed to find the books. They are encouraged to post a picture of themselves on their social media accounts with the hashtag #gibbssmithsearch and #atthegateway while tagging @shopthegateway and @gibbssmithbooks and/or @babylitbooks as they begin their search. Each book cover includes a small symbol such as a heart, moon, or star. Participants make a list of all the symbols found and direct message their completed list to @gibbssmithbooks or @babylitbooks on Instagram or Facebook.

Book Hunt Categories

The lists are divided up into four book categories:

Family | Foodies | Design | Outdoors

You can either find the books related to their category and be eligible to win a gift basket or find all the books and be entered to win a $250 credit to the Gibbs Smith website. Other participants are eligible for other smaller prizes. The first participant to complete the scavenger hunt will also receive a gift basket prize.

Come explore The Gateway from June 25-July 9 and get into the spirit of reading. Happy hunting!



Family Hunt

____Jane Austen and Lewis Carroll are popular names. You can find their classic stories where the children play games!

____ What’s a Llamacorn? It’s a creature that is kind. It’s over by the narwhal in a windowsill up high!

____ Otto may be different, but he is full of love. By Salt & Honey you will find him flying up above!

____ Little Leo and friends explore planets, moons, and stars. Blast off with them to outer space to visit Jupiter or Mars!

____ Little Women is a classic that just might make you cry. It’s a book everyone needs to read at least once before they die!

____ Ordinary Mary performs only good deeds. She is over by the fountain near the very tall trees!

Foodies Hunt

____ Hungry for some healthy fat? The store isn’t in, but it will be in stat!

____ The Food Gays love to cook with color, as does this restaurant for pizza lovers!

____ It’s five o’clock somewhere, so head to the grill; after all it’s ‘bout time to eat your fill!

____ Cake mix is the schizz so blast-off and find it at this local biz!

____ Party ideas are brimming in this book, so go to the punchbowl and take a quick look!

Design Hunt

____ To own a French cottage is a dream so sublime, it’s the best kept “secret” in home design

____ Utah received recognition in 2002; you could say that’s when our state really bloomed

____ From paintings and sculptures to photography, we love a visit to any gallery!

____ Sit back and relax with a glass of wine; with a seagull or seabird, you’ll have a great time!

____ Action, adventure, romance, or thriller; these movies are presented by Larry H. Miller

____ It’s no longer a depot, yet very trendy: an architectural landmark for any type of wedding

Outdoors Hunt

____ There are many frontier stories in the Wild West. Strap on your walking shoes and we’ll tell you the rest!

____ John James Audubon was an ornithologist man. His birds are flying with their friend the toucan!

____ Utah has many canyons and deserts to see; this basketball star says it’s the place to be!

____ Cody Lundin teaches everyone how to survive. With advanced pharmaceuticals, they also want to keep you alive!

____ From the southern red rocks to the snowy peaks, Utah is lucky to be covered in these Rocky Mountain sweets.



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